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From worse unto better.....

Hello friends and readers,

Sorry for not posting before now folks! week started off really bad on Monday. After what had been a decent day at work, I starting feeling nauseous during my evening meal and decided to abandon it! Without heading into graphic detail (other than mentioning the seeds...the bloody seeds...I never want to see a seeded loaf of bread again, right!) I am now so thankful that my bathroom sink is really close up to the loo! 'Twas an experience I never want again! Puking (and the rest) constantly until about 5am Tuesday morning! RIGHT! Let's put an end to that subject now! Urghhhh! Someone wipe my memory, pleeeeeeaaaassssse!!!!!

I returned to work on Thursday and oh my god, was I glad when Friday evening came around!!! Not the best two days I've ever spent at work!!!

Friday night......oh, some good news to brighten my day (or days!) partner-in-crime (and illustrator) is coming to stay next weekend!!!! Three whole nights and days to look forward to!!!! YEYYYYY!!!!

Nearly forgot…I should (very soon) be able to introduce you to ‘Taser’ and ‘Bex’, the two naughty characters in our graphic erotic novel, ‘Taser’d’…watch this space!!

And then I check on find...that my second part of my erotic trilogy, 'Comings and Goings' is back into the top 100 (erotic suspense category) in the Kindle store....No. 61 !!!! YEYYYY!!!!...No. 61 !!!

Now I’m going to go and enjoy my weekend! Do enjoy yours too, and don’t behave…that is SO boring!

Ciao for now!

Eva xxx

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