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Writing needs (a) character...

A very Happy weekend to all my friends, readers and everyone!

Characters today! Now, let me see…I’ve certainly met a few in my life time! I’ve also created a few excellent ones in my books “Going Up and Going Down” and “Comings and Goings”. (Well, I hope you all liked them!) I even fell in love with one or two of them as their personalities developed!

For those of you who have read my books and in particular, book two, “Comings and Goings” you will have come to know Christina, the new receptionist at the accountancy firm, the Hopkins Partnership, where Helen is one of the senior partners. One thing I can now reveal is that I didn’t have to create Christina, she was already there for me…a much loved colleague who just happened to have read my first book before I even got to know and work with her!

The way my story was flowing in “Comings and Goings” it became apparent that the Hopkins Partnership needed a new (and real) character for the role of receptionist. By this time, I had worked with Christina for a few months and I thought she was perfect for the role. When I mentioned it to her she sounded quite thrilled about the prospect. I offered of course, to give her character a different name, but she said it would be fine to use her real name.

Let me tell you more about Christina. She’s down to earth, speaks her mind (whether you like it or not!) and carries out her work in a most efficient manner! Her raucous laughter can frequently be heard throughout the building, meaning one can usually, from that, gain an almost precise idea of her location! Most people find her adorable, and she generates much laughter with some of her ‘off the cuff’ remarks. Even the M.D. laughs (after doling out some cheek) when she tells him to ‘fuck off’. I would point out though, that she also knows when to ‘reign it in’ and be professional in her role.

Christina and I share an office and we have an excellent working relationship. Ours is the only ‘fun’ office in the whole building and everyone loves popping in, sometimes just for the banter alone!

I will, from time to time, be posting further blogs revealing more tidbits about the real Christina and sharing some Christina (and Eva)-isms for your amusement.

In the meantime…ciao for now. See picture accompanying this post…the REAL Christina!!!!

Enjoy your weekend!

Much love

Eva xxxxxx

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