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Tense moments…

the air … electric.

Looking down,

You watch the movement of my hand.

I see the element of surprise,

with just a hint of excitement.

Body language…tense.

Raised eyes…

making that sensual contact between us.

Trying to read me…

delving deep into my soul

through the blue of mine.

Searching for the answer, gaining nothing.

You break that contact…

your intent, as yet, unknown to me.

Your fingertips play, caress…

then a move…swiftly made.

Meeting my eyes once more…

the challenge, laid bare.

I gaze deeply into yours,

taunting…I give a hint of a smile,

letting it linger, maybe just too long.

My need to act intensifies…

within me already, a feeling of elation.

Reaching forward, it’s within my grasp.

Touching, fondling, one last tease

as our eyes meet once more,

I make that all important move,

with deliberation.

Your mouth opens wide in silent protest…

for it’s mine.

The seduction…

of the chequered board.


© Eva Bielby 2017

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