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You can never run from the past!


Afraid of losing control, Helen Pawson now finds herself in Paris, intent on living a peaceful life. She no longer wants anything to do with the world Simon introduced her to so long ago. Her self-inflicted exile will allow her to deal with the loss of her beloved David.

Determined to pick up the pieces of her shattered existence, Helen opens herself up to the possibility of befriending David’s daughters. The young women are nothing like she thought they’d be. Nevertheless, she is willing to embrace every inch of who and what they are.

When Helen’s past catches up with her, she soon realises that she can never leave it behind. If she’s to move on, her husband and the secrets he’s kept must be dealt with.

Not willing to sit on the side lines, Helen is determined to rebuild her life step-by-step. To do that, she’ll need to return to the one place she never thought she’d set foot in ever again...the beautiful city of London. Once there, she’ll need to confront everything and everyone she left behind.


© Eva Bielby 2018

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