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our bodies up close, I feel you.

Skin touching skin

One arm around my waist,

your fingers rake through my tangled hair,

and down to stroke my neck.

Your kisses follow…such warmth,

sensual, ecstasy, wanton, tingling.

I am putty, powerless to resist

Hands on my breasts now,

my nipples alert, hard.

Pulling me closer to you

I feel your length grow hard

against my bottom,

tormenting me.

Your kisses on my neck

becoming wild…biting me

across the top of my shoulder.

Pulling me to face you…

your hungry mouth finds mine.

Lips against mine, searching,

finding my warmth, tongues cavorting.

Bodies clammy, needing…

wanting, oh so…wanting.

Hands exploring,

mutual discoveries and…

teasing of one another.


Your lips pull away.

Your hand pulls at my hair…

tipping back my head…

exposing my throat.


I feel the dampness as your tongue

leaves a trail from my neck to my breast.

I sigh…wanting!

I explore your hardness eagerly,

revelling in my findings,

but you pull my hands off you

before delving fingers deep into the warmth of me.

I’m on fire,

craving contact…again, wanting.

I stroke and kiss your chest

as you lower me to the floor, gently.

Holding my head in your hands,

your hardness nudges carefully at my wetness.

Beautiful flames igniting.


My want…my desire.

Tongues dancing together.

Suddenly, you thrust deep within me.

We’re as one.

Dizzying heights.

Within me, every nerve is alive.

My moment arrives with a gush.

Beautiful…my release.

I find a new heaven with you.

© Eva Bielby June 2018

Eva Bielby Author Logo
© Eva Bielby 2018
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