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Everybody needs a saviour!

Having done all she can possibly do to help Ruby, Helen heads off to Paris, angry and intent on revenge. Can she keep her emotions under control and do what needs to be done?

With senior partner Ted, only working one day a week at the Hopkins Partnership, something’s got to give between his junior partners. Can Jim and Helen put their mutual dislike behind them and work amicably together? It seems there is no solution. Their destructive sexual encounters to date will likely hamper any attempts to bring peace to the office.

Can Helen come to accept that she will never be happy as mistress to lecherous lawyer, Simon? Her grief for David is still raw and she despairs of ever finding happiness.

Helen remains blissfully unaware of the guy who relentlessly follows and seeks her out. He will soon discover that he has competition. Will the stalker admit defeat and give up his pursuit of her?

Will Helen ever believe that after all the heartbreak and trauma life has thrown her way, happiness is out there waiting for her? She wants it, craves it and intends to find it. Determined to do whatever she can, she’s going to need to make some big decisions and strengthen her resolve.

The Scars is the third and final part of The Hurt Trilogy

© Eva Bielby 2017
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