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I've been doing a lot of soul searching this week. Result: I am NOT where I want to be at all! That EVERY aspect of my life....

It's time to get out there and make changes! First and foremost, and after blood test results came back with high sugar and high cholesterol, I have made essential changes to my diet! Since I became single (my choice after a nightmare marriage) I have always taken the easiest option when it comes to food...convenience items, snacking or I just didn't eat at all. It seemed a waste of my time just turning the oven on or even being bothered with cooking/preparing food for one! After more than eighteen months of rather foolish eating habits, yes I admit, the results were not a shock. I don't know if I can stave off the diabetes thing for long as it tends to run in the family (my father and eldest brother)...but I suppose I can take steps to try to keep myself at 'borderline'. The cholesterol: well, I've made big changes already...plenty of fresh veggies and fruit (even more than five-a-day), no more pastry and cakes, no white bread, and I'll stick to chicken and avoid red meats! I will also make a sterling effort to drink more water and less caffeine! These results aside, I am slim and reasonably fit, living in a fourth floor apartment (without a lift) and working in an upstairs office...all the stairs see to it that I get a good daily workout..but I could do even more!!! I'll keep you all posted on my progress.

COMING SOON: Emotionally wrung out!!!! How can I tackle that one??? Not sure yet...but I WILL!!

Take care lovelies!

Eva xxx

of stairs and no lifet) and working up stairs((withno lidt)


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