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Christina...***** character...***** baker!!

Hello my Friends,

Well, today has been Monday and who doesn’t hate Mondays? Let’s not dwell on that any longer than we have to though! I’m sure you would all like to forget Monday!

I’m not going to ramble on too much tonight, I promise. I just wanted to share more of my colleague, Christina, with you all.

Not long after I started working with her, I discovered that Christina loves baking. Besides all the cooking and baking she does for her family, from time to time (when she feels like a mega bake-off is needed at home) she delights everyone at work by bringing along some of her fabulous treats. Over the three years that I’ve worked with her, I have sampled lemon drizzle cake, Battenburg cake, sticky toffee pudding, cupcakes with buttercream icing, chocolate cakes, many different types of cakes made for staff birthdays, cheesecakes, cheese scones, lemon meringue pie, corned beef and potato pies…the list is endless. And look at the Yorkshire pudding! Christina also does more than her fair share of baking when we are having ‘MacMillan’ fundraising mornings

and everyone rushes to buy her cakes!! Her baking is truly scrumptious!!!! I’ll leave you to see for yourselves on the pictures!!!

Ciao for now my friends!

Eva xxx

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