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Christina...and eye Candy...

Hi everybody,

Hope your individual weekends have gone to plan and with minimal stresses and hassles as is possible.

Today, I’m wanting to share with you all, a different side to my wacky colleague, (and character!) Christina! This is yet another aspect that many of you will identify with...and love about her!

Not long after I first got to know Christina, I needed to drop something off at her home. I went along one Saturday morning and during that visit I met her husband, her son and daughter, Zak the black Labrador, Archie the Springer Spaniel, Ruby the Cavalier King Charles, and their two cats, Sox and Shadow. Shadow was in the process of giving birth (to her one and only litter of kittens) during my visit. It was one crazy household…I loved it!

Sadly, Ruby (who was nine years old) passed away nearly two years ago. It was a very sad time for them all.

One Friday night (last August) Christina was browsing on Facebook and came across an ad for a pooch for sale. There was a picture of a Cavalier King Charles called Candy, but she was down in Essex! (We live in North Yorkshire, right?) Christina responded to the ad and the next morning the family drove all the way to Essex to meet Candy. Sad to say, but Christina and family were far from happy when they saw skinny little Candy, and her horrendous living conditions. They suspected she had been used for puppy farming and they hurriedly handed over the money and couldn’t wait to get her away from the place.

On the following Monday night after work, they took Candy along to our local vet! Candy had serious issues with her teeth and gums, her teats were enlarged and her claws very long and unclipped (showing she had never been taken out for walks). The vet also suspected that after producing many litters of pups, she had experienced a serious trauma giving birth to her last litter. He said she must have been spayed as an emergency measure and this was the reason why she was placed for sale…she was of no further use to the previous owners!!! She was given all her injections that night at the vets and a few days later, Candy had three teeth removed. A visit from the dog groomer relieved Candy of her lengthy claws and gave her a much-needed trim.

It didn’t take the family long to discover that Candy didn’t know how to play and had been starved of love and affection for possibly much of her sad, sorry life. But things were about to change drastically for her. Over the weeks, in the company of Zak and Archie, she learned how to play and be an active part in their lives and enjoys accompanying the family and her two newly adopted siblings on outings and long walks. Also, she is now used to being the centre of attention and being totally spoiled. This little madam uses her eyes to captivate…oh, those eyes…KILLER eyes! I swear blind I could steal this little girl a thousand times over!!

After checking out these pictures, I think you will be able to see the transformation from an undernourished, unloved and bedraggled old lady into a much-adored little pup!! One little dog who landed well and truly on her feet!!

Take care all,

All my love

Eva xxx

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