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Eva...soon to be...PUBLISHED author...

Hello my lovelies,

I hope you have all had a good week so far…and to those romantically involved, I hope you had a fabulously sexy and loving Valentine’s Day!! Sadly, I’m single and nobody loves me…

but not to worry! I’ve had a fantastic week so far. The chest infection is still lingering but other than that…I can’t complain about this week!

On Valentine’s Day morning I received the layouts for the print version and e-book version of “Going Up and Going Down” and “Comings and Goings” from my publisher. Just a few more details still to sort out but the first book (GUAGD) will be released on 8th May 2018 and the second one (CAG) on 5th June 2018!!! Does a happy dance!!!

I’m in the transition from self-published author to…to…to…PUBLISHED author!!!! I

still can’t believe it…my dream...and such excitement!!!!

I’ll keep you all updated!!

Take care and enjoy the rest of your week!!!

All my love

Eva xxx

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