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Lemon Jizzle - an orgasmic Christina creation....

Hi my gorgeous readers and friends

Here’s hoping you all had a truly amazing Bank Holiday weekend?

Setting the Bank Holiday weekend’s scene at Christina’s house. Friends, (three couples) invited over on Saturday for a barbecue, copious amounts of alcohol and overnight stay. Pretty much the same is planned for all of Sunday. Late Sunday afternoon. Christina walking out into the garden with dessert.

Christina (proudly showing off her temptation of the day): “Here you go, guys! Lemon Jizzle cake…”

***Guests stood, mouths agape, eyes wide in disbelief! Titters of laughter***

Lady Guest 1: “For fuck’s sake! Where did you get that cake tin Christina?”

Lady Guest 3: “What the fuck? I just want to know how you got that thing out of the tin without damaging the cake!”

Christina: “Baking spray ‘Easy Release’. No need to line the tin.”

Male Guest 1: “So…basically…it’s a fucking lube then?”

***Raucous laughter. Five minutes later…everyone sat around with their paper plates***

Lady Guest 2 (making orgasmic noises): “Mmmm….delicious knob…jizz flavoured squirty cream...mmmm!”

Lady Guest 2’s husband: “You dirty bitch! You never do that with mine!”

Male Guest 3 (hand behind ear): “Come again?”

***Roars of laughter from everyone else***

Christina: “Just for the record…you men are currently munching on testicle. We ladies got the cock!”

***Laughter from the ladies as all male eyes stare at their plates with a look of distaste***

Sounds to me like they all had a ball! And let’s face it…some like eating cock, but others don’t!

Goodnight lovely people. It’s my bedtime!

Love and Best Wishes

Eva xxx

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