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Tweet, post, share, email...and REPEAT!!!

A cheery hello to you all

Bloody Hell! Two days over already in the new working week. I’m not complaining, you understand…the sooner the working week is over, the sooner the weekend will be with us once more! I love my weekends!!!

So this week is all about marketing. I’m tweeting on Twitter, posting on LinkedIn, sharing on Facebook, emailing bookshops and trying some new approaches too. I’ll let you know what those are if they turn out to be successful missions…but for now, I’ll keep my cards close to my chest if you don’t mind!

Forty one five star reviews out of forty nine for “Going Up and Going Down”

100% (eight) five star reviews for “Comings and Goings”

Ciao for now peeps. Enjoy your week.

Much love

Eva xxx

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