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Words...and Mastery!

Hello to you all my beautiful readers,

Well, as promised, I’m here again to keep you all updated, mainly as to how the writing is going, whilst I attack my third book ‘Going For It’. I fully intended to do this blog post last night…but man, was I knackered…so here goes…

Saturday was DAY ONE of my 9 day challenge whilst on holiday from the day job. So…are you ready for it? I wrote 5075 words. (Does Happy Dance to Pharrell Williams ‘Happy’!) I was eager to keep at it, however, tiredness got the better of me. I went to bed just after 10.30pm hoping for an early start on Sunday morning to carry on with the chapter where I left off.

Sunday 19th was DAY TWO. Armed with my first cup of caffeine of the day, I settled down for a couple of hours writing, knowing that I would have to start getting ready to go out late morning (more on this later). Before heading for my shower, I had written 665 words with more hours ahead of me after my appointment. Sadly, after returning home about 2.30pm I was having a bad episode of acid indigestion. Despite a few attempts throughout the day at sitting down at the P.C. I was extremely uncomfortable and feeling rather nauseous, and by 7.30pm I knew that no further writing was going to be done. So on day two I achieved 665 words. (No dancing, happy or otherwise!) I am determined not to be too disheartened by this. Yes, there is a 4,335 deficit from my 5000 word target, but if I can share this between the remainder of my holiday days, this is roughly an extra 617 words making 5617 words per day. That is doable, isn’t it?

So yesterday was DAY THREE. It was a good one and by 5pm I had achieved 3200 words, leaving me either 1800 to reach my original 5000 word target and 2417 to reach the new daily target. With a good few hours writing left in me, how many words would I reach by bedtime? I packed in writing at 23.02pm and the day’s result was in –total for day three was 5888 words.

And OMG! I will certainly take that! (Happy Dance was more an half-arsed, excited wriggle on the mattress when I finally crawled into bed, my eyes almost shutting down for the day! PMSL!)

Back to Sunday’s appointment, and I am delighted to reveal that I received my attunement and after having already gained my Reiki First and Second Degrees I am now proud to be, a Reiki Master! Another awesome journey ahead of me in the future. My thanks go to my lovely mentor Julie Higgins for putting me through the stages. I’m looking forward to 2021 when I will hopefully start practicing Holistic therapies; Reiki, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage and Hopi Ear Candling.

I shall post again in a couple of days keeping you updated on my progress. Stay happy, enjoy your week...and don't forget...BE KIND!

All my love, as always,

Eva xxx

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