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Ponderings, pussies and poetry!

A BIG HI to you all,

I hope you’re all staying safe and well and enjoying your weekend and the beautiful weather.

It’s 10.24am and I am NOT ashamed to tell you that I am still sat around in my PJ’s having a mega chill out, and now on my second cup of caffeine. I’ve had my two cats for company, keeping me amused playing with the ever present cardboard box in the living room. My little girl, Doris, always seems to know when I am about to sit at the P.C. She either plonks her furry butt on my chair at the computer or unashamedly drapes her length across the keyboard. (LOL! Bless her!) Harry, aka Mookey Moo, sits staring at me constantly, waiting for me to go into the kitchen. (Maybe there’s a tasty morsel for me!)

Getting back to business - once I have typed up and posted this blog I’m planning on doing some more work to my manuscript for ‘The Edge of Heaven – My Mediumship Journey’. I’m four chapters in up to now, thoroughly enjoying it and pleased to say, I’m not experiencing all those horrible panic/anxiety symptoms that I had when I was working on ‘Going For It’ during my recent week of annual leave.

This latest project has started out with a few fond childhood memories, particularly with regard to my Mum, who was also very spiritual. I’ve chuckled out loud during these writings, but also I’ve succumbed to shedding a few tears (happy ones!)

My Saturday morning ponderings have got me thinking (Oops! Steady on there, Eva! That’s dangerous!) I really do need to get on with ‘Going For It’, but I am now so into my new project, and at times I have my poetic head on. So whilst I steam ahead with the new book, I have decided that I will write ONE poem per week. (I’m intending to publish a book of poems at some point too!) Another decision I have made is to TRY to keep ‘Going For It’ on the go, by writing just ONE chapter per week. If the symptoms return, I had better heed the signs, but in the meantime every little chapter helps, right? Whilst I’m back in the writing cave, I MUST KEEP GOING! I MUST KEEP GOING! I MUST KEEP GOING! The motivation is with me! “Strong with the FORCE she is!” (YES! I’m a Star Wars geek too – for my sins!)

That’s it for now…I’ve got some serious writing to do!

Enjoy your weekend, don’t get burned in the sun and stay hydrated (mine’s a G & T by the way!)


Lots of love

Eva xxx

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