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Writing! Multiple projects! Multiple orgasms!

A Happy Bank Holiday weekend to all my readers

I sincerely hope you’ve all had a nice sunny day and are staying safe and well. Though it may seem to have been a long few lockdown months for those unable to work during lockdown, I feel that the year has still seemed to go way too fast.

I can’t believe it has now been a whole year since I visited the Harry Potter Studios in Watford with my dear friend, Helen Patricia. How bloody awesome that place is. Also, we got shit-faced drunk, sang karaoke and generally had a great bank holiday weekend. The weather was red hot and much better than we've been experiencing lately in the U.K.

Back to my writing news now! I’ve been merrily working away on “Going For It” – final part of the “Goings On” trilogy. Yesterday’s word count was 3125 and I was quite happy with that, as I had plenty of chill time throughout the day too.

While this final part of Helen’s story has been in my head throughout my four year break from writing (yes, the full story!) I still find that on some days, I’m not quite sure what to write. That’s usually because I’m waiting to see how certain bits of dialogue will pan out between my characters. The dialogue can sometimes lead off in a completely new direction, and I love it when that happens!

Up until a month ago I was of the belief that it isn’t wise to work on more than one project at a time. However, I’ve now tested that theory and proved it to be totally wrong. In fact it’s very beneficial to have something else to work on, in more ways than one. Having taken so long to get back in the writing cave, I need other things to work on when one set of words dries up. I need to keep the flow going.

When I’m struggling to come up with dialogue for GFI, I go back to writing “The Edge of Heaven – my mediumship journey”. Also, I have re-acquainted myself with a book that I have had on the back burner for 4-5 years. One that I am writing under yet another pseudonym, F.L. Gray (Findlay Larsson Gray). That one is called “For My Wife” which is what I would deem to be a psychological thriller.

As you will be aware, if you’ve read my recent blogs, I have also been doing a little edit/mini rewrite of GUAGD (using pen and paper) and this is to be released again under its new title “Going Through It” later on this year. Half of these edits have now been done on the main manuscript. I’m looking forward to finalising this one, as after “Comings and Goings” was finished, I started to feel very unhappy with GUAGD and thought I could do better.

I’m finding that breaking off one project, and then doing some work on one of the others for a while, it triggers new ideas. Therefore, not only am I making great progress on “Going For It” but I’m slowly adding to the word counts on the other projects too. From multiple orgasms to multiple projects! Win! Win!

Right! I’m back at work tomorrow so time to kick a few words out


Stay safe all.


Love and hugs

Eva xxx

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