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Good day to you all!

It's Friday again, which means it's time for my next interview. This week we have the lovely, Carol Kerry-Green. And here is a delightful picture of Carol doing one of her author book stalls. Right, let's get started!

Eva: Good morning Carol and thank you for taking part. So, tell us all about yourself (as in, a bit of a biography).

Carol: Thank you Eva for featuring me on your website. I’ve lived in Hull, East Yorkshire most of my life, apart from two years in York in the early 80s. I’ve had three careers so far, the Inland Revenue, local Housing Department and for the last 12 years I’ve been a Professional Genealogist. Writing my books will be my fourth career 😁

From an early age I’ve wanted to write, and as I read a lot of Science Fiction and Fantasy as I was growing up, that’s what I started writing back in the 70s and 80s. After a hiatus away from writing for over 20 years, when I came back, self publishing had become an easy option.

Now I write Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance - so still in keeping with my SF/F roots.

How many books have you written up to now? Are they published or self-published? What genre are they?

I’ve written three books up to now. All self-published. Two are Urban Fantasy, and there’s one more to come in that series. One is a Paranormal Romance and I’m currently working on book 2 of that duology.

Of all the genres there are, is there any genre/s that you feel you wouldn’t be able to write and why? Is there any genre that you really wish you could write, but feel you wouldn’t be able to do it justice?

Psychological Thrillers - I love to read them, but don’t think I could ever write one. Also I’m not keen on writing Children’s books - I tried once years ago, but it just didn’t gel for me.

Do you have any favourite ‘out-of-the-ordinary’ words that you like to use in your books? What are those words? Also, what words used by other authors irritate you more than they should?

I love the word discombobulated - though I haven’t used it in a book yet, I’m sure it’ll turn up at some point.

Do you sing at all, be it karaoke, in a choir or have done so professionally? Whether you have or not, have you ever written (or had the urge to write) any song lyrics? Have those lyrics been used at all?

Not for years. I was in a choir at school and enjoyed that, but though I enjoy music, it’s not something I get really involved in.

What question would you like to pose, (if you were to ever interview your favourite author), which never seems to get asked in author interviews? And who is that favourite author?

That’s a hard one! Pinning down one favourite author is difficult. One of my faves at the moment is Mary Calmes, she’s on my auto buy list and I follow her books when they come out. I’ve just read her most recent Wayward, and I guess I would ask her if she’s ever lived in one of the small American towns she writes so well, and if so, were they really like that?

If you were to ever write a children’s book, (and those of you who already do) would you/do you do the illustrating yourself, make use of a family member or friend’s talent or pay an illustrator? Do you solely write or do you have any other creative pursuits?

You wouldn’t want my illustrations! I can sketch (badly) and that’s about it.

As to other creative pursuits, I’m quite crafty. I love to crochet and cross stitch, and I’ve also done calligraphy and stained glass work over the years.

Of all the characters you have created, who is your favourite? And why?

That would have to be Cornelius from my Urban Fantasy Donati Chronicles books. He’s an older character (the Donati live a long time) and he’s done a lot in his long life. He and his husband Dastan feature heavily in the novels, and there is a short story with them as the main characters which is free for people who sign up to my newsletter.

I’m hoping to write their love story later this year.

Have you ever killed off a character in your books (I’m sure you have)? If so, was it because…it fitted nicely into the storyline? OR…Did you start to really dislike the character and, with too much work involved to re-write without that character, think it the easiest option to have that person die?

Yes! A few. It was a joke in my writer’s group about me killing characters off in the first book of the Donati Chronicles. It just fitted with the storyline, they were great characters, but to push the story forward, they had to die.

And I’ve killed a baddie or two in my time.

Are any of your characters based on family members or friends? Have you kept their characters totally true to life or have you given them bonus traits that you wish they possessed in real life?

No, I don’t think any of my characters have any basis in people I know.

Relationships/family life aside, what are your TWO main regrets in life?

I’m not sure I have any…

What was your passion as a child? Did that passion stay with you during your adult life OR did you, as you grew up begin to detest what you once enjoyed?

My passion has always been writing and I’ve pretty much done that for nearly 50 years now, even when I wasn’t writing fiction, I was writing non fiction articles.

What was your best subject throughout your school years? And your worst?

I loved (and still do) History, it was my favourite subject, though not sure it was my best. English was a close second. I think PE was my worst!

Tell me about your favourite teacher throughout your school years? Was it a crush you had? Were they just an excellent teacher of your favourite subject?? Or some other reason…kind, fun, generous…?

My History teacher, Mr Attwood. He was so enthusiastic about the subject and I know a lot of other people who went to my school said the same. I think it was his enthusiasm that has shaped a lot of my reading and finally my love of genealogy and local/social history.

No crushes though.

Did either of your parents ever express a wish to write? Are they supportive and proud of your work? Or do they just choose to not get involved, but they are pleased for you?

My parents are long gone, but from what I remember, they weren’t that interested when I was younger, I don’t really remember. My mother-in-law is supportive and read my latest book, also my oldest sister, so that’s great.

Tell us about your ultimate ambition, be it personal, travel, writing, work, hobby related or other?

My ultimate ambition was always to have a published novel, and I’ve done that now, so I’m happy about that. At the moment my ambition is to write and publish more books.

Do you have any phobias and if so, what are they? Have you ever conquered any phobia and if so, how did you do it?

No phobias, but like many people I’m not keen on wasps!

Most people I know are not happy with something physical about themselves (face/body etc.,) but if you could change anything about your personality, what would you wish to change?

I’m not sure…

What is your ‘go to’ snack, whatever the time of day? And drink of your choice?

Don’t really snack that much, I love crisps, and anything savoury like that, but try not to have too many, as am Type II Diabetes ( take after my mum and half her family!)

As to drink, has to be coffee! I love filter coffee, or Americano. I also enjoy Redbush Tea, which we discovered several years ago, much prefer it now to normal tea.

Cats or dogs? What do you have? Do you introduce any pets into your books?

Cats, we have four. I do like dogs, but not sure I’d like to have one. There are two cats in my Paranormal Romance book, Lady Emma’s Diaries who are called Mack and Mabel!

AND FINALLY, Hit me up with all your Amazon book-links? And the links to your website and social media profiles?

Books to read link for Of Blood & Shadows only

This is my linktree

Thank you so much for taking part, Carol!

Next week's interviews are:

Tuesday: Angela Wren

Friday: Sara Sartagne (Karen Drury)

Enjoy your weekend everybody! Much love to you!


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Oct 20, 2023

Yes - 'discombobulated' is one of my favourites, too! :)

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