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Hi All,

What a furry and feathered time I've had, both last week and this! Last week I was called upon by my son and his family to pop into their house twice a day to feed the menagerie. They were on a camping trip and needed me to attend to their many pets with feeding and cleaning duties. Their dog was away with them, so it left me with the cat, the tortoise, two lop eared rabbits, one hamster and four guinea pigs (two of which were theirs and an extra two 'they' were looking after (correction: I was looking after them!!) for a friend. Of course, most of the above were in hutches outside and the English weather wasn't kind! I got soaked to the skin on two occasions. Also last week, my neighbour was away visiting her son, so she asked me to pop next door and feed the wild birds (which she is passionate about doing every day).

This week it is the turn of my daughter and family to be on holiday in Cornwall, so it's a 'go feed the moggies twice a day' sorta week! To add insult to injury, my son's wife and girls are away again, but he is back to work, on a nightshift.

"Mum, while I'm sleeping during the day, (the dog will be walked first thing and again before I go to work at night), could you possibly call in mid-day and let him into the garden for a pee, please?

"Of course I will, son".

I arrived at his house, and let myself in as quiet as a mouse so as not to wake him.

Aforementioned dog (a gorgeous but mental, chocolate Sprocker named Boris) is a quiet little beastie and doesn't bark, so that's good! He made a great fuss of me when I arrived (he knows he gets treats, right?). He came up and did some high-fives and fist bumps with me as usual. I turned my back for five minutes and he ran outside, found one of his toys (farty pig) and proceeded to bite into farty pig directly beneath my son's bedroom window, and let me tell you, that pig has the LOUDEST farts I've ever heard. I hurried outside trying to shush him so as not to wake my son up. Well, he thought it was great fun to run around the garden like a lunatic whilst still biting into farty pig...and with me in hot pursuit!! Needless to say, my son gave up on sleep ten minutes later!

And in other news....

There was no stopping this girl yesterday! I set up an account with Ingram Spark. Also, I've now got my publisher name sorted plus my own domain to go with it...and I've purchased a block of my own ISBN's!! Go me! I prepared and posted yesterday's author interview with Robin Leeman Donovan and prepared a draft of Friday's interview with Ian Grant, ready for my blog. And I've almost completed my final read through on "The Scars". The first two books in my trilogy "The Hurt" and "The Healing" are currently being formatted ready for uploading to Ingram Spark and they will swiftly be followed by "The Scars".


Ciao for now!!

Kindest regards



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