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Hi All,

And a Happy Freaky Friday to each and every one of you! A step nearer to the beginning of the weekend! I LOVE weekends, even though I'm now officially retired!

What a treat we have today, to be finding out more about U.S. horror writer, Ron Chapman, who certainly knows all about writing content that will freak you out!

Eva: Welcome Ron and thank you for agreeing to take part in this series of author interviews. Let's get down it now, so tell us all about yourself (as in, a bit of a biography).

Ron: It's a pleasure, Eva! Hi everybody! My name is Ron Chapman. I’m an author of horror, young adult and poetry. Right now, I’m working on something for the romantic / horror genre.

My first book was self-published on June 14th, 2015.

Before writing novels, I was trying my hand at writing screenplays.

How many books have you written up to now? Are they published or self-published? What genre are they?

I’ve written and self-published seven books so far with book eight coming out, hopefully, Christmas.

The genre of my books are horror, young adult, and poetry.

Of all the genres there are, is there any genre/s that you feel you wouldn’t be able to write and why? Is there any genre that you really wish you could write, but feel you wouldn’t be able to do it justice?

I don’t know if there is a genre that I wouldn’t be able to write. I feel if you want to do something bad enough, all you have to do is put your mind to it and it can be accomplished.

Do you have any favourite ‘out-of-the-ordinary’ words that you like to use in your books? What are those words? Also, what words used by other authors irritate you more than they should?

I really don’t have an out-of-the-ordinary word that I like to use. I do use a lot of vulgar language in most of my books.

Do you sing at all, be it karaoke, in a choir or have done so professionally? Whether you have or not, have you ever written (or had the urge to write) any song lyrics? Have those lyrics been used at all?

No, I don’t sing in any way shape or form. You don’t want to hear me sing.

What question would you like to pose, (if you were to ever interview your favourite author), which never seems to get asked in author interviews? And who is that favourite author?

How and where do you come up with the ideas for your stories?

One of my favorite authors is, JK Rowling.

If you were to ever write a children’s book, (and those of you who already do) would you/do you do the illustrating yourself, make use of a family member or friend’s talent or pay an illustrator? Do you solely write or do you have any other creative pursuits?

If I ever wrote a children’s book, I think I’d have a family member illustrate it. Or maybe a friend.

Yes, I only write. If I wasn’t writing, I think I’d get back into drawing or some other form of artistic endeavour.

Of all the characters you have created, who is your favourite? And why?

Of all the characters that I have created, my favorite would have to be Willow.

Why Willow? She has no superpowers whatsoever but yet, she is a brutal badass.

Have you ever killed off a character in your books (I’m sure you have)? If so, was it because…it fitted nicely into the storyline? OR…Did you start to really dislike the character and, with too much work involved to re-write without that character, think it the easiest option to have that person die?

I kill off characters in my stories all the time. And I do it because it fits into the story quite nicely.

Are any of your characters based on family members or friends? Have you kept their characters totally true to life or have you given them bonus traits that you wish they possessed in real life?

Most or some of the characters in my stories are based after family members and friends. And yes, their character is true to life with maybe a few minor changes.

Relationships/family life aside, what are your TWO main regrets in life?

I have no regrets. I feel that everything that has happened in my past has brought me to where I am now.

What was your passion as a child? Did that passion stay with you during your adult life OR did you, as you grew up begin to detest what you once enjoyed?

As a child, I wanted to be a superhero when I grew up. And then when I was a young teen, I wanted to be a writer.

What was your best subject throughout your school years? And your worst?

My best subject was art. My worst was math.

Tell me about your favourite teacher throughout your school years? Was it a crush you had? Were they just an excellent teacher of your favourite subject?? Or some other reason…kind, fun, generous…?

My favorite teacher was in high school. And that was my art teacher. I don’t remember her name off hand, but she was one of the best teachers I had.

Did either of your parents ever express a wish to write? Are they supportive and proud of your work? Or do they just choose to not get involved, but they are pleased for you?

As far as I know, neither of my parents were interested in writing. When I started, my mom was my biggest fan. My dad died way before I started to write.

Tell us about your ultimate ambition, be it personal, travel, writing, work, hobby related or other?

My ultimate ambition is to see my books up on the big screen.

Do you have any phobias and if so, what are they? Have you ever conquered any phobia and if so, how did you do it?

Over the years, I’ve discovered that I have a small issue with claustrophobia. No, I have not conquered it.

Most people I know are not happy with something physical about themselves (face/body etc.,) but if you could change anything about your personality, what would you wish to change?

I wouldn’t change a thing about myself. I’m happy with the way that I am.

What is your ‘go to’ snack, whatever the time of day? And drink of your choice?

Pretzels and hummus. My go to drink is something called POG juice (orange juice, passion fruit juice and guava nectar).

Cats or dogs? What do you have? Do you introduce any pets into your books?

I have a dog who thinks he’s human. I have some pets in a few of my stories.

AND FINALLY, Hit me up with all your Amazon book-links? And the links to your website and social media profiles?






TikTok: or ronchapman69

Thanks again Ron for an interesting interview and for agreeing to be a part of this series!

Up in the hot seat next week, we have:

Tuesday: L Marie

Friday: John Regan

Right! I'm going off to enjoy my weekend! Have a great one folks!

Love and hugs,



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