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After the website.....

Oh dear...a VERY bad start to Monday for me! After a late night setting up this new website with its text hyperlinks and SEO's I slept through my two alarm clocks and the alarm on my mobile phone. I wasn't late for work but had to start the day rushing around like an idiot instead of my usual 'wake-up-at-my-leisure-whilst-drinking-caffeine' sort of thing!

Two weeks worth of production summaries to do...which I managed admirably, I must say. Tesco after work for (healthy for a change) food shop...fruit for dessert instead of the calorie charged Cadbury's Pots of Joy!

Been busy sharing this new website link to the groups on Facebook and tweeted the link too (I've really missed twittering, tweeting, twooting...whatever the hell it's called). Nothing much exciting to report for my first day of blogging I'm afraid...just another manic Monday for me!!!

Catch you soon readers, friends, visitors...

Ciao for now!

Eva xxx

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