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There's authors...then there's THE authors..

Since I became an author, one question that friends, family and colleagues have asked me from time to time is...who is my favourite author of all time! I've never really been able to give them a straight answer! It's like asking, what is my favourite film, my favourite book...or band/musician or song! The answer would vary from day to day according to my mood. There are just so many!

But keeping this post strictly to the author question, I don't think I can single out any one author.

The best way I can think to give you some ideas is just to tell you my top ten all time favourites in no particular order....

#AgathaChristie - the queen of suspense thrillers (best book for me: The Murder on the Links)

#JamesHerbert - king of horror/thriller (best book for me: Others)

#JKRowling - amazing author (best book for me: Harry Potter/The Deathly Hallows)

#DeanKoontz - US master of horror/thriller (best book for me: Intensity)

#BrettBattles - amazing thriller writer (best for me: the Project Eden series)

#MoHayder - what a mind (best book for me: Birdman)

#LinwoodBarclay - fantastic thriller writer (best book for me: Trust Your Eyes)

#RobinCook - medical thriller writer (best book for me: Fever)

#MichaelConnelly - thriller writer (best book for me: The Poet)

#GeorgieSummer - UK indie author (best book for me: Flip Flops in France)

My apologies go out to all the other fabulous authors who I hold in high regard but I promised I would stick with my top ten. Question duly answered!

Take care all, much love

Eva xxx

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