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Okay!!! Deal with it, Eva!!!

What a week it's been for more ways than one!! I suppose the biggest issue (following on from my last post) was my visit to the practice nurse at my GP's surgery on Wednesday night!

Having been told the bloods results over the phone (sugar too high, cholesterol too high) I thought I could perhaps try harder at remaining borderline on the sugar 'thing' whilst sweating it with the five-a-day to bring down the level of cholesterol! Oh no!! Big mistake...BIG! Think again, Eva! Yes, you guessed correctly! I'm officially diagnosed as Type 2 diabetic! How do I feel? Well I can't say it's come as a great shock! Okay then...I'm not shocked at all! The reality of the diagnosis has kicked in though, so I'm trying to get my head around it all. For a lover of all things sweet...biscuits, fruit pastilles, cakes, ketchup (over 25 grams of sugar per 100 gram), coffee...with sugar, chocolate, desserts, fruit pastilles, regular tonic water with my gin, cakes, coffee...WITH sugar, CAKES...jaffa's OMFG! They are all going to have to fade away from my diet for good! No more tiramisu, forget about the banoffee pie, never again have pain au chocolate for breakfast, totally do away with dunking custard creams in my cappuccino!! I'm gutted! I've got this though! I have to take control...because the last thing I want is to finish up as Type 1 and having to inject myself twice a day with insulin. Don't get me wrong...injections don't scare me...I have no fear of needles at all. However...having to inject myself...that is a different ball game and not one that I could fancy!! I will get on the straight and narrow...armed with my two packs of Metformin to start me off! Wish me luck please!!!

Other items from my week seem rather pale in comparison to my health, though finding out that someone is not really the person you thought they were has also been very disappointing!! It's quite sad really...but when they have persistently got their finger poised over the self-destruct button there's not a lot one can do. The trouble many people get caught up in the aftermath...that is what worries me!

To leave this post on a high note, I have started working on a graphic novel with my illustrator partner-in-crime! Heading off now to start some scripts for 'Taser'd'. More news on this front in my next post...

Take care darlings and have a great weekend !!


Eva xxx

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