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Diets...and other failed nonsense!!

Hi all,

Here I am, back again in Blogland!! So, what's been going on in my life? I may ask myself the same question! The answer to that would be not very much of anything! It's been a bit quiet, not much of anything to report really! The diet was going well, until my colleague turned up to work yesterday with the most delicious lemon drizzle cake ever! Yes...I succumbed...I did have a piece...well, if I'm to be honest about it....I actually had three pieces, two yesterday and one this morning! But the lack of sugar in my daily caffeine intake compensates...doesn't it? No? Well...okay then! I blame her!!!

I've been hard at work doing my scripts for the graphic novel 'Taser'd' joint effort with my partner-in-crime, man-with-no-name illustrator (he won't get his finger out of his proverbial and come up with his pseudonym...grrrrr!). His suggestions so far....I've censored!! Anyway chapter one is now complete at my end and chapter two is buzzing around in my head!! Needless to's going to be steamy!!

Time to call it a day...more exciting stuff to report tomorrow.

Take care


Eva xxx

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