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Cramping your style???

A big ‘Hello’ to you all,

Let's discuss the joys of sex! Does any of the following sound familiar?

So…he’s wined and dined you, sixty-nined you, and now you’ve got down to the nitty gritty…the fabulous, mind-blowing, penetrative sex! You’ve been at it for the last twenty minutes or so, doggy, cowgirl, you’ve done most of the Sutra…and it’s been absolutely fucking amazing! His performance has been excellent and now you’re both giving it rock all, you’ve got your legs up over his shoulders for max impact. Increasing in speed, his thrusts are getting deeper…he’s probably about to cum, or worse still, it’s you who’s about to cum…when suddenly, with a second’s notice, you feel it! The tightening of your calf muscles…you know the pain is about to hit….

…your orgasm (or his) suddenly seems unimportant! With the utmost effort, you quickly haul him off you (or indeed, jump off him), land on the bedroom floor with a thud and start dancing around on tiptoes like a bloody lunatic…then let out a rip roaring ”ARGHHHHHHH!!!!! FUUUUUUCK..INNNNNG HELLLLLLL!!!!!”

He’s now sat on the edge of the bed looking pissed off but trying to show some concern.

”Ermm…sorry babe, did I hurt you in some way?”


Quickly throwing yourself back on the bed, you raise your leg, thrusting your foot into his face. Looking shocked, he backs off a little. Your pain has reached its peak. You thrust the foot back at his head again.

“Qui…quick…bend my toes back…NOOOO! BEN…BEND…MY…MY FUCKING TOES BACK!!!”

Finally, he gets the gist of the problem (finally…he is a man, right?) He sets to work…doing a sterling job with the toe bending, and an added bonus, massaging your calf at the same time.

(You’re thinking ‘Fuck me! Something I DIDN’T ask for…now there’s a first!’)

“Is that helping??” he asks considerately after a couple of minutes.

“Yes…yes, it’s easing off now! Thank you!”

A minute later, and fearful of broken toes if he continues, you swiftly pull the foot away.

“That’s fine hun, the pain’s gone now!”

Smiling, he pulls you close up to him, and proceeds to stroke your hair in a comforting manner. Seconds later, you’re kissing with tongues, his hands start to wander…he tweaks a nipple with two fingers of one hand, the other hand cups your pussy longingly. A few minutes pass by with the action not being stepped up despite the urging from you…then comes the hesitation on his part…the deep, long sigh, almost a groan…followed by…


Yes??? Anyone recognise this scenario or similar?? Shit isn’t it?? But you’ve got to laugh…most of us have been there at one time or another.

Goodnight all. Have a good day on Wednesday!

Lots of love

Eva xxx

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