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Christina...pee, tea, coffee...and GUILT!!!

Happy Weekend everybody,

I hope this weekend is starting off well for you all.

I knew we were in for an interesting day from the minute Christina walked into our office this morning. She made straight for her ‘mood’ chart (different emojis and emotions on a flip over chart, bought especially for her in our office Secret Santa) and flipped it right over to ‘mischievous’.

It was a pretty standard morning for us; silly giggles, singing along to the radio and the usual ‘Christina-isms’ and ‘Eva-isms’. Typical conversations could be something like this one today.

Me: “Right, I’ll go for a pee

then make a cup of tea.”

Christina: “Okay, you’ll go for a pee…

then make me a cup of tea?”

Me: “Yes, I’ll go for a pee…

then make a cup of tea….

and a cup of coffee!”

Christina: “Okay, so you’ll go for a pee…

make me a cup of tea?

And you, a cup of coffee?”

Me: “Yes, I’ll go for a pee…

then make a cup of tea…

and a cup of coffee…

for you and me!”

Christina: “Okay! You’ll go for a pee…

make a cup of tea…

and a cup of coffee…

for you and I?”

Me: “NO Christina! It’s…

I’ll go for a pee…

make a cup of tea…

and a cup of coffee…

for you and me!

It’s you and me!”

Christina: “That’s what I said…you and I.”

Me: “But Christina, you’re missing the point! It’s supposed to rhy…” (Vacant look from Christina)

Me: “Oh, forget it!”

(Splutters of laughter from us both!)

Early afternoon, I offered to search for a document that Christina needed to email to a customer. Our office door was open, and she was supposedly working just over the corridor with our boss in his office. Finding the said piece of paper I shouted out to her,

“Christina, I’ve found it!”

She walked in

“Oh that’s great, hun. Thanks. I’ll scan it and get it emailed right now.”

She took the document from me, scanned it to her PC and sent the email. The file where I had found the piece of paper was still open on my desk, so she dutifully returned the paper to the file and was bent over placing the file back on my carousel when ‘the boss’ suddenly shouted,

“Christina, where’ve you gone? Are we doing this job or not?”

She rolled her eyes to the ceiling as she shouted back,

“YES! I’ve just been emailing the POD that Eva just found for me!”

Turning to face me, she pulled some ‘WTF?’ faces and carried out some rude hand gestures towards the open door, both middle fingers extended upwards. He appeared in an instant.

“What did you say?”

I watched with interest as, quick as a flash (and with a look of pure guilt on her face), Christina tried to look casual and changed the hand gestures to something that would hopefully look totally innocent. He gave a slight smirk and she followed him back to his office. When she appeared ten minutes later, I looked across at her.

“Caught in the act there, hun!”

She looked mortified for all of five seconds, then it hit us hard. We howled with laughter, tears streaming down our cheeks. It was difficult for the rest of the day. We tried so hard not to look at each other, but failed miserably. Every time there was eye contact between us there was no way we could stop ourselves…the constant howling and reaching out for the tissue box. One for the diary, without a doubt!!! LOL!

Anyway, whatever you’re doing this weekend, ENJOY!!!

All my love

Eva xxx

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