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Christina...down South...and getting her tan on...

Hi everybody

Yep, it’s been that dreaded day of the week again…Monday! Still suffering from this cold/flu thingy that I’ve had for the past week, I can’t say I was relishing the day at work!!

However, I had been in the office ten minutes or so this morning and had just about managed to log on to my computer and shuffle a few papers around, when Christina burst through the door, with a beaming smile from ear to ear!

“Eva, quick! Follow me to the ‘ladies’…I’ve something to show you!”

As we headed down the corridor, and not wanting to give me any clues, she cautiously asked me,

“You do remember where I was going yesterday, Eva?”


Christina had explained to me the previous week, that her nail technician, Sarah, was going to be doing some training in spray-tanning (another string to her bow). She had asked Christina to go along to the workshop to be her ‘model’.

Something was causing her great amusement and, once in the ladies’ room, she made her way over towards the hand basins and suddenly, with her back to me, pulled down her trousers, exposing her ‘whiter than white’ buttocks, and hysterically laughing about the fact that she had been wearing her own ‘big’ knickers instead of the much smaller plastic pants that had been offered. We returned down the corridor snorting with laughter, but back in our office, she went on with her story and comically (as always) mimed some of the different positions in which she had had to pose to ensure all exposed areas were sprayed!

“The other thing is…” (she went on) “I didn’t realise just how far down South my tits were. I should have held them up like this…” (proceeded to hold both boobs up until they were pointing at the ceiling!) “When I’m naked and holding my tits up, I’ve two fucking great white shadows underneath where they were hanging down!”

We howled with laughter, and when the MD popped his nose through the door to see what all the noise was about, she promptly explained it all to him, the un-cut version! She refrained from getting her arse out to show him, but throughout the course of the day a few more ladies had witnessed Christina’s white backside and heard about the shadows under her tits!! She’s a gem and the tan is a really lovely shade!!!

Right, it’s another early night for me, see if I can get rid of this virus thing!!!

Goodnight all,

Lots of love

Eva xxx

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