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Watch your Volvo.....

Here I am again my friends, with a warm Hello!

I hope everyone is feeling happy and in tip top sexy moods today??? Let me attempt to brighten your day with a Christina classic....

Last week, Christina and I both had our birthdays. On Monday 14th May and on what was her birthday, Christina returned to work after having been on holiday to Turkey.

The following morning, Christina came in to work sporting her new Apple watch, a joint gift from her husband, Lee, and his parents. She promptly set about showing me what the watch could do…a variety of things, including sending text messages (which she could actually dictate). I was well impressed!

About half an hour before dinner Christina had started to get a bit bored with some of her daily routine. “I’m going to send Lee a message!” she announced. I turned around from my computer screen, alert as always. (She was never one to disappoint).

Christina (to the watch): “Send a message to Lee!”

Christina (to the watch): “My vulva is flapping.”

I snorted with laughter, having heard about Christina’s flapping vulva on a previous occasion.

Christina (on seeing the sent message): “For fuck’s sake! What the fuck? My…fucking…Volvo…is flapping?? VOLVO?? For FUCK’S sake!!”

LOUD snorts of laughter from both of us!

Christina (to the watch) (with her face grim with determination): “Send a message to Lee!”

Christina (to the watch) (grinning over at me): “Fancy a fuck tonight?”

Me: “Did that send okay? It didn’t alter ‘fuck’?”

Christina: “Yes…it was fine, hun.”

Me: “Oooh-er! So…fancying a shag tonight are you?”

Christina: “Nah!”

Me: “But Lee will think you do fancy one now!”

Christina: “Will he fuck! He knows me sooo….Ooh! Message back from Lee!” (SNORTS OF LAUGHTER FROM HER!)

Me: “What has he said? Come on…spill the beans!”

Christina: “He said…You pissing about with your new watch again?”

No further words needed...only our raucous laughter!

Have a great day everyone.

Love and best wishes,

Eva xxx

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