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2020 - HELLFIRE!!

A sort of cheery ‘lockdown’ Hello to you all,

Well what can I say? It has been ages since I last did a blog post –eighteen months and four days to precise. My last posting was on New Year’s Day 2019 and I wished you a Happy New Year for 2019. Blimey! So where have eighteen months gone just like that…POOF!! But more on 2019 in my next blog post!

So…2020! The year got off to a good start, all things considered.

1st January, New Year’s Day – I met my lovely friend, Lindsay for a Costa and a little browsing in the shops.

2nd January – back to the day job after the long (went too fast!) Christmas/New Year break.

5th January – our first Advanced mediumship monthly development class and it was so lovely to see all my soul sisters again.

11th/12th January – a two day Soul workshop with our regular mentor, Debra and a dear friend of hers. This was truly a lovely weekend with a difference.

17th to 19th January – I was excited for this occasion – a weekend course ‘Demonstration in Mediumship’ at the Arthur Findlay Spiritualist College at Stansted. It was my first ever visit to the college and I’m hoping to return there soon, when the opportunity arises.

That, my dear friends is where all the good things came to an end! On 21st January, we had a very devastating and extremely tragic death in the family. I’m not going to dwell on the subject but suffice to say it rocked our world, and the weeks after all disappeared in a fog of tears, disbelief, broken hearts and many other things besides.

Eight weeks rolled past, and having spent most of it oblivious to what was going on in the world, we suddenly find ourselves in the middle of a world pandemic (Covid-19…Coronavirus) and our country (amongst many more worldwide) was in ‘lockdown’. I am fortunate enough to work in an industry that is essential during such times so I have worked throughout the crisis, but others have not been so fortunate. Many have sadly lost their lives to the disease, alone in hospital and with no relatives by their sides – and for those and their families I truly feel broken-hearted. Jobs have been lost and many staff gave been ‘furloughed’. Some businesses have, unfortunately, had to close their doors forever. Women and children (and men) have had to stay home (fearful) in abusive situations and some with mental illnesses have struggled even more so with their issues during a lockdown in which they could have no visitors to help them through. Many NHS workers have put themselves and their families at risk, worked demanding hours to help the sick and some have become a victim of the virus themselves and lost their lives. I could go on but I can’t get over the suffering of all concerned and it makes me so bloody sad!

Early April came the first ‘lockdown’ birthdays in my family. My two granddaughters became 3 and 4 years old, just a few days apart. I drove round to their home, quickly hung their birthday things on the front door handle, rang the doorbell, and hot-tailed it back to my car before the door opened. The grim reality of Covid smacked me in the face – no kisses, no cuddles and a conversation with my son, daughter-in-law and granddaughters 2 metres apart! Mid-May came my own ‘lockdown’ birthday, but despite the sad reality, my daughter and grandsons and my other two granddaughters certainly made it a day I will never forgot. I got some lovely presents and cards, flowers and a beautiful birthday cake and balloons. What a birthday with a difference!

Having had the time to do much thinking over the last few ‘lockdown’ months, I’ve had to dig deep, do some soul-searching and start making some positive moves in my life!

HERE WE GO!! I am back in my writing cave (Again! I hear you say! LOL!) And that is where I intend to stay. My readers have waited too long already for Part 3 of my ‘Goings On’ trilogy! I can’t say how long it will take so I’m giving no predictions! But…at least it’s HAPPENING!!

Will post again soon my lovelies!

Love and hugs as always

Eva xxx

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