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OMG! I'm 'going through it' right now!

Here's a Happy Sunday to you all,

Well looking out of the window, it’s a very miserable and overcast day. There’s a high likelihood that it’s going to piss it down with rain! Not that I’m too down-hearted about that probability! On the cards for me today, you’ve probably guessed it already – writing/editing or call it what you will.

When I sat down late yesterday morning to continue with writing ‘The Edge of Heaven”, I found myself being drawn to a different task instead – that of dealing with my first book! For quite some time now, I have wanted to do a sort of mini re-write on “Going Up and Going Down”. Over the last year or two I have been becoming extremely unhappy with that – the first part of my trilogy. Unhappy with some (but not all) of the writing, uncomfortable with some of the chapters and certainly dissatisfied with the title. (I know, right! What possessed me?) Yet, I suppose it was after all, my first ever delve into the world of writing and I shouldn’t berate myself too much. I have constantly been told by my readers that “Comings and Goings”, the second book, was far better. I agree wholeheartedly with that sentiment. I am more than happy that it easily outshines book one from all aspects.

So what I feel it was that has drawn me to start these revisions is the fact that I ordered the newly titled book covers for it on Friday – book one is soon to be reborn again as “Going Through It”. Just that simple act of ordering the book covers has tempted me to get on with the revisions, republish and get it back out there as soon as I can. It’s a job that shouldn’t take too long as the story itself is already written. I see the task as fine-tuning; the polishing off of what I still feel is a rather fabulous storyline. (Hopefully, two weeks should see ‘mission accomplished’.) Once I’m happy that I have achieved the main objective, I can hopefully settle back down into my other two projects “The Edge of Heaven” and “Going For It” without having this one eating away at me.

Enough on that for now, though. I’m going back to my re-writes. I’ll keep you updated with my progress!

All I have left to say is, enjoy the rest of your Sunday my darlings, stay safe and be kind to each other. The world is shitty enough right now without adding to it, right?


Lots of love

Eva xxx

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