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Hi All,

Hope you've had a fabulous weekend. I've been a little busy again with ongoing publishing/editing/website kinda stuff.

I had a little break from it all last night when I went out to my local for a fabulous Pub Quiz night! Sadly, my team only managed a second place to a table of worthy winners. They won at 56 points whereas our final score was 51.5. But a fab evening was had by all.

Now, I must introduce you all to my dear friend, Shammy (not her real name, I might add!) She never fails to keep us all amused with her one-liners and massive bloopers! This was a typical conversation we had during the week.

Eva: "I watched The Green Mile again last night!" Shammy: "Awww, great!" Downs a few slurps of her drink. Shammy: "That's the film about the bees, isn't it?" Eva: "Wha....WTF?" Shammy: "Yes! It is! The bees come out of his mouth after he sucks them from people!" Eva: "............................................" (Eyes and mouth gaping wide!)

Only my dotty friend, Shammy could come out with that!!! A film about the condemned on death row...and she comes out with "That's the film about the bees, isn't it?"

She never fails me!!

Hope that keeps you all amused for now. It's heading for 10.30pm and I'm knackered. Keep smiling folks and see you all soon!




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