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Logos, Words and not much else!!

Hello and Happy Sunday Everyone,

I sincerely hope you’re all staying safe and well, in particular those of you who are in areas where there have been some new lockdown measures introduced. I’m worrying that before long we will be seeing a full lockdown again. 2020 takes my vote for being the shittiest year ever!

First thing I want to shout out about is my new logo. I have wanted a logo for quite some time but it is not something I would ever attempt to do. My own design skills are somewhat…lacking. All I wanted was a nice simple design. Luckily for me, a dear friend, Ian Grant, kindly offered to knock something up for me and I am absolutely thrilled with the result. Thank you once again Ian for producing something so stunningly simple. I love, love, LOVE it!

My writing has been going well lately. I have reached a total word count to date of 58182 words on the final part of my trilogy ‘Going For It’. Having had a four year break from writing until July, I was determined that I was sticking to the storyline I had planned those four long years ago. During the past couple of weeks my characters have been talking to me and caused me to take a different path to the one I had planned for them. However, I have listened to their voices and gone down a new route which has now resulted in…the story will now have a different ending. I toyed with this decision for a couple of days and my gut told me that I must keep on with the new route and give my characters what they want. They have decided how the story will now end. Oh, the joys of being an author! But I’m happy with the way it is going. It’s not a major task to change some of the chapters I have already written, but I will need to break off from writing for a while, to go back and edit/rewrite two or three chapters! Hoping to have this ready to publish in January 2021!

I haven’t a great deal of news to write about, other than I spent Friday night and until mid-afternoon on Saturday doing some decorating (wallpapering) for my daughter – 2 feature walls, one in granddaughter Kacey’s bedroom and one in my daughter’s bedroom. Proud to say that they are both very happy with the results of my labours!

I’m going to say ‘cheerio’ for now. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday no matter what you are doing. Me? I’m going to be writing yet again. My bad!

Lots of love, stay safe!

Eva xxx


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